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Delve into a collection of published papers that reflect our commitment to advancing knowledge in neurosurgery. 

Exciting news! We are expanding and inviting passionate individuals to join us in making a difference. If you share our enthusiasm for neurosurgical research, consider becoming part of our growing community. Explore opportunities to form new teams and contribute to the advancement of neurosurgery. 

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The GloMNMS Study

In the pursuit of understanding the global landscape of neurosurgical mentorship, the GloMNMS Study led by Katarzyna Julia Minta, Daniel Sescu and Dominique da Luz, and collaborators conducted a cross-sectional analysis. With responses from 2962 medical students across 60 countries, the study addresses challenges and opportunities in accessing neurosurgical mentorship. Findings highlight barriers like limited time and resources, suggesting a need for improvement. This pilot study serves as a compass for enhancing the availability and accessibility of neurosurgical mentorship programs, shaping the future of medical education in neurosurgery.

Open Access: LINK

Early Preventive Strategies and CNS Meningioma - Is This Feasible?

In the realm of primary brain tumors, meningiomas stand out as a common yet underexplored entity. This comprehensive review, led by Daniel Sescu, Aminta Chansiriwongs and Katarzyna Julia Minta under the mentorship of Mr Kaliaperumal, takes a pioneering step by investigating the feasibility of early preventive strategies for CNS meningiomas. The study meticulously examines existing evidence on environmental exposures and lifestyle behaviors as potential risk factors. From ionizing radiation to cigarette smoking and obesity, the review uncovers significant associations. Notably, it advocates for family-driven, community-based, and public health-endorsed strategies to mitigate these risk factors. While acknowledging the limitations, this study aims to raise awareness and stimulate further research, anticipating that prospective and retrospective studies will bring clarity to the intricate relationship between risk factors and meningioma development.

Open Access:  LINK

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